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Privacy Statement

In this Privacy Policy, we will explain how we collect and use information about you and your users. To protect the rights of you and your users, please read this Privacy Policy and register it with a clear understanding: this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are inseparable, if you click during the registration process By clicking the I Agree button, you are fully accepting all the contents of these Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy and, on an informed basis, expressly agree to the processing, use and disclosure of you in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service. And the information of your users. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service, please do not install, use, register or otherwise access our services.

1. How to collect information

Information during registration and use: As stated in the Terms of Service, you must agree to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before applying for registration to use our services. When you register, you must provide us with accurate personal information (such as email, ID card, contact information, account information, etc.). In order to provide you with better service, we will choose the service or provide information when you voluntarily choose. The system automatically stores your information and integrates it. Please provide timely, detailed and accurate information at the time of registration and keep updating the registration information. All original typed materials will be cited as registration materials. If you have problems due to untrue registration information, you will be responsible for the consequences. Please do not transfer or lend your account number or password to others. If you find that your account has been illegally used by others, you should notify us immediately. The Internet does not rule out the illegal use of accounts and passwords due to hacking or negligence in your custody. This kind of situation has nothing to do with us.

Data from our statistical analysis: Our services help you understand how your users use your app and help you analyze how your app performs on different end devices. When you integrate the app in your app, your app sends data to our server via the app. Such data includes, but is not limited to, the identifier, gender, age, user-triggered events, page views, device model, terminal manufacturer, terminal device operating system version, location, time zone, and network of your users in your service. Status, etc.

2, how to use information

First, we use the information we collect to improve our products or services and to develop new products and services so that we can provide you and your users with personalized services, such as showing you and your users relevant levels. Higher search results or promotion results.

Second, we use the collected information to provide you with a more in-depth analysis of user behavior, showing you the collected data to help you better analyze user behavior and improve product and service quality.

Third, we may conduct a statistical analysis of the information collected. At the same time, we may share these statistics with the public to show the overall usage trends of our services. These statistics do not contain any identifying information about you and your users.

Fourth, we may conduct a labeling and classification of your users by integrating and analyzing the collected information, and based on the above classification results, we or other third parties will promote the correlation with their users. information.

Fifth, we may use the collected personal information in the following situations: (1) obtaining the authorization of the relevant information subject in advance; (2) using the sharing function by the relevant information subject; (3) improving our service; (4) Send technical notices, confirmations, support and administrative information about our services; (5) introduce our customers and our partners' products and services; (6) according to laws, regulations, legal procedures or government Mandatory requirements of the competent authority; (7) for academic research or public interest; (8) for the protection of our legitimate rights and interests, such as finding, preventing, dealing with fraud or security issues; (9) complying with this privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Sixth, unless otherwise stated in this policy, we will not disclose to this third party (other than affiliates) personal information collected through our services without your consent. However, the following conditions are not subject to this limitation: (1) third-party suppliers, consultants and other service providers work for us and need to access your information to provide their services; (2) to meet legal requirements or legal procedures; (3) to protect the personal safety and property of us, our customers or any other person in an emergency; (4) we need to protect the rights and property of us, our agents, customers, users and others, including the execution of our Agreements, policies and terms of use; (5) We are or intend to make major changes in the merger, reorganization, sale of all or part of the shares and / or assets, including but not limited to its due diligence process; (6) we may also The three parties share relevant information or analysis results in a form that does not directly identify you or your users.

Seventh, reports and statistics for your specific data are subject to any complaints or accountability that may arise from any third party's information or features.

3. Your notification to the user and the obligation of good faith

In order to use our services, when you develop and provide your users with (whether or not) the application, you should disclose at least the following to your users and obtain the clear consent of your users: "When the company developed this application The terms of the license agreement or the service or privacy agreement of any software that is signed or endorsed or endorsed by the company is a constraint on the users of the application and is an integral part of the application." To use your application as a user Terms. While we do so, we have no control over how you use data that belongs to or about your users, and we are not responsible for it, although we expect you to use it in a legal and honest manner. Your users should review your policies to understand how you use this data.

By integrating our APP software into your application, you are accepting this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and agree that you have agreed and assured us that you have disclosed the contents of the above documents and Ways to disclose this Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to your users to ensure that your users are aware of and agree to the way we collect and use User Information when using the applications you have developed that integrate our app. And the rules, and comply with all the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service. To this end, you should clarify the following responsibilities: We collect, use, and disclose you and your user information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service, causing us to suffer losses or liability, you should be the ultimate Liability person.

4. Information protection for minors

We attach great importance to the protection of information about minors. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should obtain the consent of your parent or legal guardian before using our products and / or services.

5. Confidentiality agreement

We welcome you to sign a special "Non-Disclosure Agreement" with us to clarify our rights and obligations. If we disclose confidential information to a third party in violation of the agreement, you have the right to claim the claim through legal channels.

6. Dispute resolution

You should be clear and inform the relevant parties, if you and your users have any objections to our collection and use of information, we should notify us in writing at the first time, we will try to contact you directly to resolve any information collection and use. Complaint. The disputes arising in the process of providing services to you are resolved by our courts in our residence. Unless otherwise agreed, the contact details set out in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service and the contact details at the time of registration are the only means of communication for our communication. The documents sent through these methods have the legal effect.